Monday, March 16, 2015

The question has an answer

Last year I wrote a post entitled 'What Love?' (which you can scroll down to read over). In it I discussed my annoyance at the constant media barrage of true love meaning love with a partner and none others.

True love is the deeply meaningful, un-judgemental, supportive and caring love which we receive from another - it can come from anywhere and most of us are lucky enough to have it in many different forms from many different sources.

In the effort of helping add some more positive ideas of love to the world, I finally created the short - documentary style - film that can now be seen HERE on my Vimeo page.

Let's start creating a better relationship with the idea of love.
Let's start being more grateful and content with the love we currently have.
Let's start showing those we love, how much they mean to us.

Thanks for listening :)


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I was in my car driving to work when the lady on the radio said, "A historic move today as Page 3 topless models are dropped from The Sun newspaper".. Although I was alone in the car, I couldn't help cheer for joy 'we did it!!'

I was one of the many people who signed petitions to get 'Page 3' removed and I never thought I'd see the day that the little people beat Murdoch, I dreamed hard about it, but to finally hear those words was incredible!

Now I know many people are reacting differently to this news, but this is my blog and therefore my personal opinion, you're entitled to yours & I'm entitled to mine.

I have always hated page 3 and the topless models in there.. 'Charlotte from Birmingham likes watching TV in her slippers' - or whatever. I never understood why it was ok for these young women to be viewed topless in a morning paper.

It's their body & their choice, the female form is beautiful, men who like it aren't sexual predators - that is not my issue with page 3.. My issue is time, place and circumstance.

If these consenting women of legal age want to appear naked in any form, that is their choice as an adult. But there is a platform for this, lads mags, the Internet, porn etc.. Somewhere where adults can choose to view this content.

However when it's in a morning paper which I have personally seen left open on trains, at children's eye level in a news agents and being read next to me on a bus, I think it's utterly unnecessary.

In a newspaper which the majority of people I know, understand is pure garbage already, for no reason there on the 3rd page is a topless woman.

If my goddaughter one day asked me, 'why does that woman have her top off?' I honestly don't know how to explain it to her, because it's pointlessly in there.
In a world where at the moment nursing mothers are told to cover up and not nurse in public, whilst doing the best thing they can for their babies & using their breasts for their INTENDED purpose - our society shuns them & feels offended by breasts.

BUT it's acceptable for women to be topless in a day time newspaper. This is too much of an ignorant hypocritical gap for me to bear. 
What this implies to me is that breasts are only acceptable in our society if they are there for sexual purposes (and not even for art like some people keep clinging to).. I mean even facebook removes even remotely sexual images and that's the fricking internet!

This is where it proves to me that Murdoch just wanted to put in as much crap to sell newspapers (who can blame the grease ball) but in no way was he trying to 'empower women' (so don't start) and neither was he just giving lovely models a wonderful job.. and don't think it's totally innocent & doesn't affect our culture.

With its placement it is complicit in promoting the notion that women are only useful when attractive (I'm not searching for a deeper meaning for feminist propaganda, it's just the facts of society - what we are faced with shapes the public) the whole pile of shit should be scrapped, but it is music to my ears to know that at least in this very easily viewable medium it will:
1. No longer be easily accessible to minors.
2. It will no longer assist with the overtly sexual propaganda women need to face every day from every medium.
3. Rupert Murdoch lost

I know that this is an issue that men & women stood together against & that the public aren't all stupid enough to see a topless woman and think less of all women, but from now on if you want to see titties just search for it somewhere else (you're an intelligent adult, I'm sure you can find them..) and those models clearly have other jobs they can go on to. I don't think we need to lose any sleep over that 😋

Love xx

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What happened to the guitar solos??

I'm a kid born in 1988 which luckily means I missed out on 80's music (I'm sorry, I like one or two artists/songs, but in general I strongly dislike 80's music). My mum grew up in the 60's/70's, which meant that I got to grow up listening to the best music to ever have graced this earth, artists like: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley.. to name a few of my favourites!

These artists are my favourite because of a few things; the epic guitar solos, the mind blowing drumming (listen to Led Zep's 'Moby 'Dick'), the catchy bass lines and of course the fantastic lyrics.
I don't have a great musical ear (always been more visual) but I love a song I can sing along with.

I grew up with Redemption Songs, finding a Stairway to Heaven, telling Johnny to Be Good and Wish(ing) You Were Here… uplifting songs which brighten your day, inspire and discuss the world around us.

Now, i'm not a prude and I must ashamedly admit I have some on my ipod.. but dear lord, I pity the kids that need to grow up listening to the music which is on the radio's today - don't understand how some of these lyrics are allowed to be played on the radio!

Lyrics like: 'Slow down, grab the wall, shake it like you tryin'a make your ass fall off', 'She's hopped up on me her body's pressed on me I think she's ready to blow', 'And you've been waiting patiently for me to break you off and girl your clothes still on but imma rip em off', 'Sold out arenas you can suck my penis, international oral sex.' - a bit graphic don't you agree?

What happened to 'Someone told me there's a girl out there, with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair', 'Remember when you were young you shone like the sun', 'One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain'.

Of course there's always been songs about sex (and why not) but the ratio has gone overboard and you can see it affecting young girls. They want to dress like the half naked girls in the video (who surely are only shaking it so hard around that guy because other wise he won't feed them?) they sing the lyrics they hear; about sitting on some guys lap and he won't call you later cos you's a hoe bitch.. I never though i'd see the day where this was ok?

I find myself cringing when listening to the radio now, the beat is rubbish, everything's auto tuned, not much actual musical talent involved and goddamn those awful lyrics!! Society is really going down the wrong path by allowing more and more of these types of songs to be shoved down young peoples throats, it gives an unrealistic and derogative view of sex, love and life.

So I say, turn up that damn Rock n Roll, out of your cars, out of your windows - remind people what REAL music is about, the badass instruments, the skill, the talent and lets pray that some record labels listen and start to turn down these tracks which only promote some sexist views on our basest of human instincts.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Penny Dreadful...

I don't know how many of you have Sky Atlantic (I for one love the channel!) and have seen the new show Penny Dreadful?

First of all, wow! I really enjoyed the first season, the story telling is so poetic and the acting is nothing short of fearless and unashamed, especially from Eva Green! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend  checking it out. It's set in old Victorian London and brings a compelling cast of characters together from the historic and supernatural to form a psychological thriller series.. it's creepy as hell!

Click here for further information: Sky Atlantic - Penny Dreadful

The dialogue being so poetic, rubbed off on me and spoke out to the deep, dark, doomed mortal within me, and so I wrote a little something of my own.
The love between the characters Brona Croft (Billie Piper) and Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) which has a shadow over it because of Brona's illness, made me think about the love that may not last.
Is it easier to profess your love when you know you don't have a future and don't really need to invest in this path? Or does doomed love burn so strong because you have to share a lifetime within a few moments? It may be because of death, but it can also be a long distance love or just a relationship which had no possibility because life and circumstance got in the way.


 On this thought I wrote the following inspired by the series, but not actually about the characters or story (so there's no spoilers):

"A TERMINAL LOVE burns the brightest, we as humans are so used to being told that intensity is not proper, but at the same time we are constantly fed the fact that moments should be treasured and not taken for granted. A hard thing to juggle.
But when a love has an end date, a finish line in sight for both parties, then caution is swiftly thrown to the wind. The intensity we crave, we can be lost in. The love of years can be felt all at once, because a fleeting moment is all you have.
It's quite easy, it comes naturally, like breathing. The love that can usually be awkward and confusing, the love you keep bridling the reigns to, can then be set free.

Every touch and look, holds such designed purpose and weight. The words shared, everlasting. A lifetime shared in a kiss.

The problem with this perfect love is it's inevitable flaws and failure.

Do we love more because we know we do not need to be responsible, we don't really have to make big commitments and sacrifices... Can it then be called true love, if nothing is compromised and if ones self has not been affected and changed forever?

For those lovers with a terminal love,
I say let their fire burn bright and strong, let it engulf them and take them with the flames until there is nought but ash.

A caution to this venture; a tear shed and a sadness shared for the lover that does not get consumed by the flame, or is left behind, they will live on to know mundane normality again."

..Let me know if you watch the show ;)

Love xx


Saturday, February 08, 2014

What Love?

We are being constantly fed the notion that love is only true love when it is shared with your partner. In kids films we learn that spells and curses are broken by true love, and that love is always administered with a kiss. That everything will be better as soon as we meet prince charming.. But why is love only true when it is from a partner? And a lot of the time we are shown it is a partner that the protagonist has only known for a few days.
I always found this bizarre, true love is the unconditional love I share with my family and friends, and if there were a spell to be broken by true love I believe mine would be broken by a hug from my mum.
We are taught that co-dependance is our natural state, that even though you have family and friends, your life is not complete until you have found your partner and then suddenly *ping* it all clicks and your once worthless life makes sense.

Of course the love of your partner is very important, and for many I am sure that it is unconditional love. However, it would be beneficial to see more family; brotherly, sisterly, motherly, daughterly, fatherly love. Not to mention grandmothers and grandfathers who sometimes are the ones raising the next few generations.

If we took more time to realise that we already have love, we were created in love and share in love everyday with family, friends and even pets, maybe we would feel happier and more content. If then you meet someone who can make your life fuller and share in your journeys, this is an amazing blessing. But don't for one-second think that your life was worthless before this moment and it has only become meaningful with the appearance of this person.

With this notion I would like to create a short piece documenting various people speaking about the people that mean the most to them; how do they show their love, why do you love them, what their love brings to our lives and how it enriches us, how we respond to this, and what person it has shaped us to become.

If you would like to get involved in this project and contribute in any way, please let me know and I would love to put together your thoughts and opinions. The piece will be displayed on my Vimeo account and if there are relevant film festivals, may be entered into some competitions.

You can e-mail me on: or in any other way that's easiest for you.


Thursday, February 06, 2014

Ill but productive..

So I have had the worst bout of virus/flu/death recently, I haven't been able to do much but lay in bed and maybe catch up on some 30 Rock on Netflix (Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are just so amazing!!). The worst part is I haven't been able to eat anything.. and for those of you who know me well, know that I LOVE my food.

However through the mist of death and decay I have been quite productive.

I've just opened and started promoting my store on Zazzle.
Zazzle is an online store where you can purchase and personalise pretty much any item, making gifts very unique. I've used it before to buy iPhone cases and personalised mugs but never realised I could start my own store.

This winter me and my fella had been going out taking lots of pictures of the English countryside, which is always fun, but I had been complaining about how I wish I had somewhere I could show the pictures off. I always work better when I have a purpose and sticking nature photos up on facebook didn't seem like a great plan.

I researched some ways to show off or make some money from my photography and came across Zazzle. I'm still learning when it comes to my photography, but as I said, with a goal I usually work much harder - and as we all know practice makes perfect!

So in a shameless attempt to self promote, please check out my store - some items are already featured to the right of my blog, or directly at: also if you have it, I'd appreciate it if you could also add me on Instagram: Mayi_Photography.
Like/Share/Comment and if something takes your fancy why not treat yourself or a loved one?

The items on my store stem mainly from nature, floral and wildlife photography at the moment. You can purchase prints as well as personalised items on the store, such as: iPhone & iPad covers, Coasters, Necklaces, Greeting Cards, Mouse Mats, Laptop bags and my personal favourite, Cushions.

So please check it out and share as much as you can, as this store gives me great personal fulfilment and something to work hard on!

Thank you!!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Where were we..

..Well it's been a while since I've written on here, as every good plan it started off so well!
But I thought I'd wait till I had something to say, before I got back on here.

Anywhoo, I've just finished entering my new mega short film into a competition!

It's the Jameson's (and Empire Magazine's) Done in 60 Seconds. So the idea is that you pick a favourite  film of yours and you have to then recreate it in 60 seconds - and not a second over!

You can pretty much set it out however you like. I always seem to go for a very realistic shot by shot approach, which doesn't surprise me as I'm a sucker for a nice clean shot as opposed to getting too mental with it (maybe I should venture into the crazy with it one day), and getting a good quality shot is pretty easy now that I have my own Canon 7D SLR :D

Last year I went for a remake of Hook, which I was very proud of and we had a lot of fun filming, but unfortunately was not shortlisted. Hopefully we will have the director's cut version up on my Vimeo page soon! And that one can be as long as I want.

Check out the entry for 2013:

But back to this year, this time round I have chosen the age old family favourite, Home Alone.
Again a lot of fun to film, and each time round I learn new skills and approaches to film making. So even if we don't get shortlisted I feel I've won already because I'm doing what I enjoy and bettering my craft (not to mention getting to play 'make believe' with wonderful willing friends… seriously the things they do for me!)

For this shoot as always I was joined by friends from all my different groups - but mainly from work this time. We had car shots, chickens running wild, pizza on the floor, very hilarious acting: good and bad ;) and one broken Christmas ornament - sorry!

It has just been entered on the sight so should be visible to the public soon. There's a few rounds to the competition (a public voting one which I will need your help with, if we get through) So keep an eye on the website:

So for now, that's all folks!